What’s in a name…

Okay, so I started this blog as a way to vent and get some thoughts out.  People have told me for years that I should write a book, so I guess a blog is the next  best thing, right?! 😉  The name of the blog, teaching a lady, was fun to come up with!  I sat here at my computer trying out different things, wanting to come up with something clever.  When I came up with “teaching a lady” I was thinking in reference to my children.  I am the mother of 4 girls and it seems like so much of my life revolves around that, probably most posts will be dealing with the girls and parenting issues so I felt a name like that would be fitting.  But, as any parent can tell you, one of the beautiful things about raising children is that you learn so much about yourself when you see those qualities of yourself coming out in your children.  There are no more skeletons once you have kids.  Your best traits and your worst traits that you wish   knew all seem to come out in these little mini-versions of yourself.  So, all of this just goes to say that I guess that by raising my 4 girls and “teaching a lady” in them, I am also teaching the lady in myself.  This is just as much about me and my experiences, trials, failures, successes and growth as it is theirs.  This lady needs to be taught a thing or too as well!  I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me and learning and growing as much as I do.


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