So it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged, but I am still new to this!  Things have just been really busy lately and I’ve not had much time to do this.  Well….that’s not completely true.  Let me clarify.  I’ve had time while I work over my night shift, but if I’m being completely honest, when I do finally have free time I either want to sleep or play on the internet mindlessly.  I have had a business plan looming over my head for the past week now and can’t seem to finish it.  I keep telling myself that on my shift during the night I will get it done, but then when night comes all I want to do is browse facebook, catch up on t.v. shows through Hulu, and browse Pinterest.  That’s it….no desire to do anything I “should.”  Speaking of Pinterest, have you guys seen that yet?!  The best time killer EVER!!!  If you haven’t, it is basically a “virtual pinboard” in their words.  It is where people post all kinds of neat pictures and ideas, then you repost them to your page.  It’s basically a “virtual dreamboard” in my opinion!  Which is what is so great about the site.  You can spend HOURS, literally, on this site dreaming.  For me it’s all about craft ideas, dreaming about setting up my future home when I become rich and famous, all the cute styles that I wish I could wear and would if and when I manage to finally loose these extra 60 lbs I’ve been hanging onto after having the kids, places that I would LOVE to travel to with my husband once the kids are all grown, etc.  It’s all about keeping the dreams alive 🙂 

Sorry this post isn’t deep tonight, just sort of full of rambling.  Don’t worry though, the next time I have a soap box I’m standing on you’ll be sure to hear about it.  In the meantime, go explore and dream on!!


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